Durko Çevre - Robuschi RBS / AV

Robuschi RBS / AV

Rotary lobe blowers used to increase the capacity of the primary vacuum pumps when operating at their minimum suction pressure (as a booster). 
The RBS/AV blowers must be used in series with a primary vacuum system ( VP ) and for pressures lower than 50 mbar absolute. 
The main characteristics of these blowers are as follows:

  • two conjugate rotors which rotate inside a special design casing with tight clearances in all position, assuring gas sealing without contact between parts
  • the labyrinth seals avoid the atomized oil to enter into the compression chamber.
  • the sealing between compression chamber and environment is ensured by O-rings seals, set between ground surfaces.
  • The shaft end sealing is made by two seal rings in VITON with opposite lips lubricated by means of a fitted on oiler. The oil ring housing can be cooled by water circulation.
  • the shaft is protected by an hardened replaceable sleeve.
  • Suction of gases and vapours
  • No sliding parts, therefore no wear
  • Safe operation and minimum maintenance

Robuschi can supply primary vacuum systems consisting of liquid vacuum pumps with deliveries up to 4,200 m³/h. 
RBS/AV in the ATEX version available on request.