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Professional Fluid Management

Professional Fluid Management

Responsibility, safety, reliability and progress are values that enjoy a long tradition at Lutz.

Founded in 1954 Lutz-Pumpen has distinguished itself by producing quality products, and has built up a sound reputation for safety in the pumping field led by its expertise in the drum and container market. Successively, other products have been added in order to cater to the needs of our customers.

We are indebted to all our loyal customers who have often been the source of our many innovations, as we sought to provide them with the solutions they required.

This is reflected in the proven quality of our products as well as in the quality of our environmental consciousness.

This philosophy, which we practice every day, has made us strong - and builds, also in the future, a sound basis for the development of innovative ideas.

Wherever liquids have to be pumped or transferred and safety is of high concern Lutz offers you the ultimate professional solution to all your transfer needs, but also here applies:

"Often copied, but never reached"!