Durko Çevre - Peristaltik (Hortum) Pompa I28,I35
Durko Çevre - Peristaltik (Hortum) Pompa I28,I35

Peristaltik (Hortum) Pompa I28,I35

The range of medium flow rates between 250 and 3500 l/h is perfectly covered with the PeriBest pump models I28 and I35.

The competitiveness of these models, both from an economic and technological point of view, positions this product range as unrivalled on the market. It is a highly efficient and heavy duty unit with a hose compression system that provides maximum accuracy, effectiveness and durability.

The lack of valves and mechanical seals, the dry running capability and great suction power make the PeriBest peristaltic pump the best option for dosing or transferring highly abrasive, shear sensitive, viscous or corrosive products.

Like the smaller PeriBest pumps, these two models have exactly the same robustness and durability philosophy focused on a very compact, vertical design with a hose compression system using XXL rollers. This hose squeezing system with maximum surface contact, together with a differentiated and technically advanced manufacturing process of each peristaltic hose, maximises the service life of this component and reduces and optimises maintenance and operating costs.

The robustness of the I28 and I35 pumps is based on the two integrated rollers, which absorb the axial loads between the rotor and the reducer, a rotor assembly and XXL rollers with maximum performance and innovative design, a compact and easy mounting system, together with very robust construction materials that are fully treated with the latest hardening and anti-corrosion processes on the market.

Download - Peribest I28 - datasheet
Download - Peribest I35 - datasheet