Durko Çevre - Type HZV

Type HZV

General, field of application
The DICKOW vertical submersible long shaft pump is a one or multistage centrifugal pump. The performance range covers capacities up to 500 m3 /h (2200 USgpm) and differential heads up to 400 mLC (1310 ft) and is subdivided such that best efficiency is granted at all service conditions. With a wide selection of materials, several design options and shaft sealing systems, the HZV pumps are suitable for handling almost all kinds of liquids which are free of abrasive solids and of suitable viscosity. Common applications are unloading of fuels and solvents from underground tanks, e.g. for kerosine respectively jet fuel in hydrant systems for aircraft refuelling (Cat.1-design) and pumping condensate or ammonia (barrel casing design).

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