Durko Çevre - TRB / DV Kabinli Blower

TRB / DV Kabinli Blower

TRB-DV are completely assembled compact group sets with noise enclosure developed for vacuum truck handling wet and /or dry waste. 
It is possible to install this group with up to 5° degree tilt. 
Power take off connection can be made by either hydraulic motor and OR V- belt transmission. 

TRB-DV group main features are: 

  • No oil mist from the blower discharged into the environment
  • No water cooling required
  • Compact design allows flexibility positioning on truck and takes up less space; - Easy installation
  • Simple maintenance thanks to front mounted site glasses giving clear view of oil level and easy access to draining and refilling lubricant
  • Stainless steel noise enclosure available on request.

TRB–DV can replace liquid ring vacuum pumps and vane vacuum pumps.