Durko Çevre - RB-DV Kabinli Blower

RB-DV Kabinli Blower

The RB-DV series consists of 3 lobe rotary blowers used as exhausters which makes it possible to reach a high compression ratio by means of a patented atmospheric air injection device ROBUSCHI that reduces overheating of the gas and the power absorbed by the blower. The main characteristics of these blowers are as follows:

  • Maximum vacuum 93% – 28’’Hg on a dead head
  • Gases and vapours can be handled
  • No sliding parts, therefore no wear
  • Safe operation and minimum maintenance
  • No oil mist

RB-DV series blowers are selected by applications requiring vacuum levels greater than 50% or 15” Hg (for applications requiring vacuum 0-50% / 0-15’’Hg see ROBUSCHI RBS P.D. Blowers). RB-DV series blowers are used in the following applications:

  • vacuum trucks handling wet and/or dry waste (Industry, Municipalities etc...)
  • Pneumatic conveying (Ash transport, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals industry etc...)
  • Central vacuum systems (Packaging, Vacuum cleaning etc...)
  • Deareation plants (Plastic extrusion, Brick production, etc...)

RB-DV in the ATEX version available on request.